Sunday, February 23, 2014

Halloween Parade

And now, for the Halloween parade.  I promise, this is the last of the Halloween pictures.  By the time we got to actual trick or treating, we were so tired of pictures I didn't take any.  But I couldn't miss taking some of all these kids in costume.

E's best classroom bud dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The only two kids dressed as literary figures.  There's a reason they're friends. :)

Pumpkin Trip

I was so excited to chaperone my first official public school field trip.  Nothing cuter than 30 5-and-6-year-olds surrounded by pumpkins.  And goats.

We take this picture every year.  She's so big!

Trunk or Treat

At church we have this fabulous annual activity called Trunk or Treat.  Basically everyone brings their cars, decorates them, and then the kids trick or treat to everyone's car.  It's the most efficient way to collect the maximum candy.  Plus there's a carnival.  It's a blast.

E's friend from school and her mom joined us this year.  We loved having them there! Friends make everything more fun.

My Bibliophile

My awesome kiddo just picked up Wind in the Willows and started reading.  Love it when she pulls out the classics and the reading glasses.  Makes this book nerd proud.

Boo at the Zoo

I love zoo passes.  Mostly because they mean Boo at the Zoo is free.  And it's awesome.  Kids come dressed in costume, they get a free ride ticket, and they get to trick or treat to the animals.  It's so fun.

It's Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!  This year, our family theme was...drumroll...

 (insert Dick Van Dyke voice) MARY POPPINS!  

We were already getting family pictures taken (in our normal attire), so we thought, why not throw on the costumes too?

I love these pictures so much.  Would it be weird if I switched out all the family pictures in our house for ones in costume?